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The San Gabriel Valley Academy

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Turning students into scholars for over 25 years!



Is your child ready for the challenges and competitive nature of education in the 21st century?

From the University of California to the Ivy League establishment, it is a fact: there are fewer spaces available for an increasingly large pool of prep school and college applicants.

Make certain your child is not left out!


For those who do not know us, we have been assisting students in the San Gabriel Valley area for over nearly twenty-five years, concentrating on homework assistance, test preparation and college application counseling. In recent years there has emerged a rash of tutoring businesses that have attempted to duplicate our programs, with very limited success. Our instructors, from some of the top universities in the United States and the world, have a wealth of experience in preparing students for school and examinations -- especially in a small group environment.


We offer a full range of tutoring and counseling services for students from second grade through high school. Our expertise with the Common Core, PSAT, SAT I & II, Advanced Placement (AP), and College Essay & Application programs have enabled our students to attain their academic and personal targets on a regular basis. Our college placement results reflect the superiority of our program: over 99% of our seniors who apply to the University of California are offered admission -- for Ivy League Schools, Stanford and MIT, the rate is an industry-leading 85%.

Enroll now to secure a brighter future for your child by developing the tools necessary for success.


  • Program Director: Over 25 years teaching experience, former Harvard Club of Southern California Vice President, director and Chair of Harvard Prize Book and Nominating Committees, Harvard Interviewer
  • Small Classes
  • Experienced instructors, most with Master's Degrees or higher
  • Original materials and curricula
  • Accurate and regular progress testing
  • Free counseling service for enrolled students, including planning test dates and class selection, volunteer opportunities and college application strategies
  • Emphasis placed on instruction, study skills and differentiated approaches to learning
  • An unsurpassed success rate: for seniors who apply and participate consistently in our programs, nearly 100% are admitted to University of California schools and over 85% to Ivy League schools

For Best Results: Start this Summer!

Given the dislocation, financial pressure, and uncertainty caused by COVID-19, classes are in a transition from traditional to computer-based learning. In most school districts, classes will resume August 2020, at the earliest. However, in this cataclysmic setback for our community and nation, it will be possible to take advantage of opportunities for your child’s personal growth. The new “normal”, long-distance learning, is the future of education. But do you have the experience and/or training to home-school your child through his or her entire academic experience? Our personalized classes provide superior flexibility to accommodate all levels of test and academic preparation. SGVA’s program director, a Harvard graduate, has had over twenty-five years of experience prepping students of all backgrounds. For more detailed information or private consultation, please feel free to call or visit in person.

6/6/2020 – 8/7/2020 (9 weeks)

Academic Counseling

升學指導及顧問(All Grade Levels)

Individualized, private instruction and counseling, highlighting the importance of activities, sports, and academic competition. Critical for secondary school students and the children of hands-on, pro-active parents!

College Application Essay Course

大學申請規劃(Grade 12)

This course has been designed for high school seniors who seek clarity and structure in the college application process, and includes a comprehensive review of all facets of obtaining admission to UCs and Ivy League schools, as well as other top-tier institutions. We offer individual supervision and intensive guidance for our students, and provide close direction to the art of crafting essays, choosing schools and proofing and filing college applications before submission deadlines. Limited to private sessions with our Program Director. Screening required prior to enrollment.

Elementary & Middle School Programs

ACADEMIC ADVANCEMENT (Grades 2 – 8) 小學、初中半日及全日課程
9:30-12:30 Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri
Grades 2-3 Math Reading Math Writing Vocab
Grades 4-5 Reading Math Writing Math Vocab
Grades 6-7 Math Writing Math Reading Vocab
Grades 8-9 Reading Math Writing Math Vocab
Grades 2-5 Public Speaking Science Drawing Chess Keyboarding
Grades 6-9 Debate Science Chess Drawing


High School Programs


(Grades 9-12)

PSAT English (Grades 9 & 10)

Mon & Wed 2:00-4:30

Integrated Math 1 (Alg.1 & Geo)

Mon & Wed 2:00-4:30

Integrated Math 2 (Geo & Alg.2)

Tue & Thu 2:00-4:30

Integrated Math 3 (Alg.2 & Pre-Calculus)

Tue & Thu 4:30-7:00


(Reading, Grammar & Language, Essay, Math & Testing included)

Summer SAT courses are offered specifically to address the updated SAT. Class assignments will be based on ability, grade and testing experience. Fundamental skills and test-taking strategies will be presented to each student, followed by enhanced lessons that are prepared to meet the student’s needs.

Weekday SAT

Mon-Thu 9:30-12:30

Fri (Testing) 9:00-1:00

Weekend SAT

Sat 9:30-4:00

M/T/W/Th/F (Testing) 2:00-6:00


Please call Isabel @626-300-0818 for classes not listed here.
Schedules are subject to change

Complimentary 20-minute counseling upon enrollment.

All new students will be charged a one-time registration fee of $40.

Closed on July 4th

Summer Hours: 8:15 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.


"Having had the privilege of knowing a mentor ...I can attest that he is the sort of instructor who really cares about students' learning and will put in the extra effort to ensure that each pupil gets the most out of his classes. Regardless of the size of the group, he always knows the learning styles and quirks of each and every student he teaches. Curtis does care about students succeeding on exams, but he goes beyond to create a fun atmosphere, all while cultivating the sort of critical thinking skills and cultural knowledge base that helps students excel at every level of education."

D. Lin - SMHS, Harvard Class of 2011.

"...thanks Curtis for all your help with my college applications, essays, etc. I had so much fun in your classes and learned more than I ever expected to the SAT classes"

J. Mau - SMHS, Stanford Class of 2011

"Thanks Curtis for making SAT tutoring less of a nightmare and more of a fun, time-worthy experience. Thanks to your dedication and encouragement, I completely OWNED the writing section with an 800!!! Now I have bragging rights."

J. Kwong - SPHS, UC Berkeley Class of 2010